• Why rider can't easily go uphill via so-called PAS on ebike

    You can comfortably ride an intelligent closed loop Pedal Assist System regarding pedal torque, but it is hard to get power smoothly for riding  on a so-called cadence sensor PAS Ebike.

    The DC motor on electric bike outputs power for riding by means of its original design performance like AC motor which is always same as full duty frequency as power supply plant, together with operating duty cycles provided in different ways described below.

    1. Very smart closed loop controller has the appropriate duty signal for DC motor based on calculated torque requirement relating to sensing data. Therefore  you will feel very smoothly to ride this torque sensor PAS e-bike on flat, uphill road, or against wind, it is real PAS ebike from some brands.

    2. You can also easily adjust a twist, or thumb throttle by hand to signal DC motor for you on a so-called throttling electric bicycle to ride what you wish for. Typically it is a simple open loop control based on the duty cycles from rider thinking instead of controller.

    3. Moreover, you have the same way as open loop throttling mode to ride ebike, while riding on a so-called cadence sensor PAS E-bike. The duty cycles adjustment comes from pedaling which can't easily be operated on uphill road due to low speed, hence the rider can't go uphill for lack of  duty cycles in time. However you will feel too much power needed for you having bumpy ride while you pedal faster and transfer high duty cycles to DC motor simultaneously on a flat road. Strictly speaking, it is a Pedal Actuated System throttling ebike in an open loop control mode instead.


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