• What is the difference between an AC and DC motor

    ( 1.) The power for DC motor is battery, electric bicycle and EV should have DC motor for driving. In same way, AC and DC motors are operated by magnetic force from induced wiring or metal inside the device. However the control and construction are somehow difference.

    ( 2.) Mostly, AC motors perform some slips from full synchronous speed for certain loading in an industrial process. It provides simply electric appliance   for human and equipment protection.

    ( 3.) Some AC motors with more complicated electronic control system for variable process loading such as subway, high-speed train, air conditioner, industrial facilities. 

    ( 4.) Brushless DC motors use magnet and electronic controller to be  powerful drivers for variable speed requirements. Normally they are  suitable for precision control via built-in hardware & software. 

    ( 5.) The control philosophies are total difference between AC motors for fixed loading and DC motors, or changeable loading AC  motors. Whether sizing DC motors or AC drivers for variable or certain loading in process, complete calculated data in application process should be ready to meet with installed motors characteristic curve optimally. 

    ( 6.) If we can get right DC motor for Ebike based on the way in ( 5.) above, then it will be equipped enough both horsepower and torque at desired speed for riding on any terrain.




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