• How feeding baby as ebike loop control

    Normally, babies may cue mom by crying, putting fingers in his or her mouth, or making sucking noises, when they seem hungry.

    If you're formula-feeding, you can easily monitor if your baby is getting enough to eat, but it should be a little trickier, while breastfeeding. Mom including her thinking helps newborn to complete total closed loop feeding work being similar to real PAS in ebike.

    Gradually, babies can have wonderful eating or sucking via their intelligence in brains after growing, then done each feeding cycle by themselves from staring hungry signal to sucking finish.

    Speed cadence PAS ebike performs simple open loop function like newborn baby feeding which still needs mom quick-witted decision to complete whole closed cycle eating.

    Accordingly, you can't get smooth riding in this Pedal Actuating System which performs similar throttling action via a same controller as the one for twisting or thumbing on ebike handlebar, because the throttle-type driving force is not real for  the help.

    Actually, real PAS in ebike comes from intelligent controller and torque sensor, which always let rider know how hard, comfortable to ride and provide efficient assistance.

    Similarly, smart babies enjoy eating through their healthy body including intelligence for every complete closed loop feeding by themselves when they grow.



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