• Could be Autopilot in electric bicycle?

    Definitely we can have cruise control in throttling operation like vehicle, but there will be never self-driving two-wheeled motorcycle, E-bike to be Autopilot.

    Appropriate system including adequate motor or engine power output, reasonable characteristic performance between torque and speed will let rider to target acceptable cruise speed in simple throttling operation. It is easy to understand the process  data like speed and its regulating ebike motor current, motorcycle gasoline flow play major roles together.

    While riding real PAS e-bike,  the pedaling force and motor output power together work well  through intelligent controller. Thus torque, horsepower, and good brain controller form a very good PAS for electric bike. In a word, real PAS doesn't relate the speed for major parameter to do control.

    Accordingly you will feel very comfortably due to linearized torque calculation mostly on all terrain riding.


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