• Additional feedforward control lets safety driving along mountain road

    While driving on I-5 between Redding and Eugene on sunny day, it is very beautiful scenery. 

    All should drive carefully  along this mountain road at raining night, although driving is a simple action as closed loop control.

    If we follow a commercial truck 1000 feet away to drive, it is easier to go through as we have his feedforward skill.

    The truck and local drivers are familiar with  this road, and have feed-forward control with basic closed loop on their minds around this I-5 terrains. Surely they can drive smoothly during raining night.

    We also have this feedforward concept to easily drive through this I-5 mountain areas while following them away some safe distance.

    Emazing e-bike is proud of its good closed and feedforward loop controller to let customers for enjoying real PAS riding on electric bikes very comfortably.



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